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Vehicle Graphics

Regular Graphics.

A branded vehicle can be one of the most effective forms of advertising your company can purchase. However; all vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps available are not of the same standard! We have extensive experience in this field and are proud to be renowned and relied upon by customers and trade alike, for our high-quality and long-lasting vehicle graphics and wraps.

100% Cut Vinyl

This style uses self-coloured vinyl in a variety of grades (3 – 10 year durability) to create the lettering, numerals and design embellishments that give the overall design.  At the most basic level this can be just a single colour of vinyl giving the most economical sign option.  However, we have 100’s of colours to choose from and using multiple colours can give very effective results.

Cut vinyl and digital print mix

The next step up from 100% cut vinyl is to begin to introduce an element of digitally printed vinyl – this could be a photographic image or colour fades.  This gives greater flexibility in design options which can give impact and more effective advertising.  A careful blend of the two types of vinyl still gives excellent economy.

Part Wrap

Using wrapping vinyl we are able to totally cover, or ‘wrap’, large areas of a vehicle.  This  can range anywhere from 25% to 80% of the available panel surface as a part wrap.  Popular permutations include the rear doors only, rear doors plus the rear quarter sides, or the rear doors plus the full panel sides.  With our specialist wrapping vinyl there are simply no limitations to which parts of a vehicle can be covered covered – including the windows, bumpers and the roof.  Cut vinyl may still be mixed into the overall scheme for text and other parts of the design.  A part wrap can really give your vehicle and company the wow factor without the cost of a full wrap.

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