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Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting a design from a given material. A laser machine works by firing a focused laser beam through the material and cuts by melting, burning or vaporising your material leaving a smooth finish. We can achieve a very fine level of cutting or engraving detail on a variety of materials.

A vast range of materials and thickness sizes can be cut with lasers, making it a handy and adaptable process. Laser cutting is a highly accurate process, thanks to this high level of control that we are offered.

As well as cutting material, we can also engrave. We can engrave onto several materials which can give your sign that unique touch!

Materials we can cut through & engrave:

Wood/Plastics/Acrylic/Aluminium Composite/Glass/Mirrors/ the list is endless.


One of the major benefits of our CNC Router is its ability to perform precision cuts. Precision cutting brings with the added benefit of less material waste.

With our CNC we can cut a wide variety of materials, anywhere from wood to aluminium, establishing itself as a very flexible cutting device. We can cut and carve complex shapes without the need for other tools at a faster speed. It is extremely accurate to the ‘mm’ enabling us to cut and carve 3D complex designs – The sky is our limit!

As well as sign making, we can also use our CNC for several different applications such as:

– 3D Carvings
– Acrylic Fabrication
– Architectural Millwork
– Woodworking applications

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